The Battery Life of Ford F-150- Things You Need About

Ford F-150 is a series of pickup trucks that cater to load requirements. The range of trucks in this series comes with their features and mechanism and keeps changing as the evolving technology. A battery plays a vital role in the operation of these trucks, although it is a silent member.

A good quality battery cranks the vehicle’s engine at extreme temperature and keeps the electronics functional. It is necessary first to understand the car need and then get a battery. There are wide varieties of batteries available for Ford F-150 that perform according to their capabilities. It is crucial to choose the right battery for f-150.

How is battery essential for your vehicle?

The battery is a powerful component of an automobile. You may have the best exhaust system for a truck, but it is of no use unless there is a good quality battery present in your truck. The battery supplies power to a vehicle regardless of the weather. You enjoy the roar of your car with the first turn of the key.

How long the battery of Ford F-150 works effectively?

  • Under appropriate conditions, the Ford F-150 battery lasts for four to seven years.
  • Expect a battery to last between 30,000 -50,000 miles
  • The battery life depends on the place where you stay, the way you drive, the charging system, and other factors. Once the battery is out of order, your vehicle dies. It might be possible that your battery gives out before this time or lasts for several years because of the chemical cocktail present inside it.
  • A battery quality determines the time it holds a charge and how well it recharges. 
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How to know that Ford Battery needs replacement?

Some signs make you aware that the battery is not working as it should be. One of them is a sluggish, slow engine’s cranking when you try to turn it because it needs lots of energy to start your truck. So if your battery is dying, then it will take longer to start your vehicle.

Also, the check engine light of your vehicle will come on. If it is like, then pop the hood of your f-150 as long as it is safe. If you see swollen battery case, leakage, or low fluid level, get ready to change the battery in the coming days. There are higher chances of increased battery life if you keep it charged fully and drive daily.

Climate and Battery Life

  • Weather is vital when it comes to battery life. A battery performs fine when there is no extreme humidity or high temperature if you are an off-road enthusiast and thinking of buying a truck topper for camping than wait! A good battery must be your priority as you cannot enjoy camping without an efficient battery on your ford F-150.
  • In warmer climates, the automobile batteries wear down faster. The hot temperature will drain out the battery more quickly. So, any extreme temperature will harm battery life.
  • In general, a cooler climate is more favorable as a humid and hot climate will lead to water loss.
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How to take care of a battery?

Taking good care of your battery will extend its life.

  • Focus on battery check-up every time your vehicle goes for routine maintenance.
  • Keep the battery fully charged
  • Unplug the accessories from the power port
  • Switch off the radio, air-conditioner when not in use to keep the battery drain low

Use charger pack to jump-start your Ford F-150 battery

It is essential to keep some jumper cables or a portable battery pack all the time in your vehicle. These should be in proper condition.

  • There are two cables on a battery pack, i.e., red and black. These are the positive and negative terminals, as in your battery. Attach them correctly, or a battery explosion is possible if connected backward.
  • A portable charger must have a power switch. Turn it on, so that electric charges flow, giving enough power to the Ford model’s battery, and it attempts to turn on your vehicle.
  • Now, as the engine turns over, keep the battery pack off and disconnect the negative terminal first. Close the hood of your Ford model battery.
  • Once the vehicle starts, keep it running for about half an hour so that battery gets recharged.

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