7 Best Battery for Ford F150- Keep Your Ride Running Smoothly

Without the right battery, your Ford F150 is going nowhere. Everyone knows the Ford F150 has a powerful engine, and you need an equally powerful battery to keep it running smoothly. Choosing the best battery for ford f150 is not always easy with so many on the market.

We love our Ford trucks and spend a lot of time working on them and making sure they run at prime level. Believe me, when I say this, we have gone through a lot of batteries over the years. Some have been high performers, while others have been anything but. Thankfully, we have learned a lot and are prepared to help you choose the perfect battery with our ford f150 battery reviews.

Why Do You Need the Best Battery for Ford F150?

Ford F150s have varying motor sizes that include 2.7 L V6, 3.3 L V6, and 5.0 L V8. No matter which motor your Ford truck has, you are going to need a powerful truck battery to get it started. This is especially true if you own a V8. There are multiple benefits of having the best truck battery for your Ford F150 and they include the following.

  • You are going to require higher amps with a larger truck than you would with a sedan. Purchasing a truck battery ensures a faithful start with enough power to keep your truck running smoothly.
  • Truck batteries can recharge much faster than traditional batteries, giving your truck the high level of power it requires at all times.
  • Truck batteries are also designed to function at a higher level and last longer than regular batteries. The last thing you want to have to worry about is constantly getting a jump to get your truck running.

We have spent a lot of time researching and have found some of the best truck batteries on the market. With this guide, we hope to inform our readers and help you make a sound purchase.

Types of Batteries for Ford F150

There are three major types of truck batteries, and it can be a little confusing distinguishing them from one another. In this section, we will break down the various types of batteries, so you will understand fully which one will be most beneficial for your Ford F150.

  • Lead-Acid

Lead-acid batteries are one of the most commonly purchased truck batteries on the market, and they are easy to find. With this battery, a lead and acid combination stores the electricity until it is needed for your truck.

  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

If you are looking for the best battery for a Ford F150, this is certainly the type to consider. This type of battery runs off of an electrolyte system that features metal plates. One of the benefits of this type of battery is it offers a slower discharge rate.

  • Lithium-Ion

A lithium-ion battery offers a high level of performance over other types of batteries. Many people choose lithium-ion batteries because they can last up to ten years without needing to be replaced. These are compactly sized, but they do not fit all trucks, so be careful to choose wisely when purchasing.

battery for ford f150

Top Picks of the Best Battery for Ford F150 Trucks

We all know it can be a big pain to have a battery die. Being stranded is no fun at all! We also understand its sometimes tough to find the best battery for a ford f150. Consider the following to help you choose the perfect battery for your truck.

#1. Odyssey Light Automotive Truck Battery- One of the Best Battery for a Ford f150

The Odyssey Extreme Series is one that we rely on quite a lot for our F150 trucks. They are reliable and good for cold starts. You will find when using this battery that your truck fires right up, even in frigid temperatures.

Unlike many alloy batteries, this Odyssey Extreme is made from pure virgin lead, allowing the manufacturer to put in more metal plates for greater power.

More plates are essential because they offer more surface area, allowing for much more power output, which is what you want in a battery.

Odyssey boasts of offering twice the overall power of conventional batteries and they last up to three times longer. Odyssey Extreme Series batteries offer up to 400 cycles at an 80% discharge rate. This AGM battery is ideal for many light-duty trucks, ATVs, and other vehicles.

Highlighted Features:

  • This is a powerful AGM battery
  • The dimensions of the battery are 6.64 L x 7.05 W x 5.04 H inches
  • The amperage is 26 amps and the volts are 12
  • Offers a cold-cranking amp of 330


  • Lasts up to three times the amount of other batteries
  • Offers twice the power of other batteries
  • Perfect for cold startups
  • Available in multiple sizes and power outputs


  • May not be appropriate for all Ford trucks-please check dimensions and power output needed

2. Optima Batteries YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery- Another Best ford f150 battery

Optima is a battery manufacturer many people rely on because of their unparalleled performance and reliability. If you are looking for one of the best batteries for Ford F150, you need to look no further.

 I have relied on these batteries for years because they offer the highest level of performance. They are even optimized for today’s trucks, which require a higher level of electronic demand.

This battery will fire right up, even in less than optimal weather conditions. If you live in a colder climate, this Optima battery is a must for ensuring your truck always starts when needed.

With its 98-minute reserve capacity, you can always rest assured it will power your truck perfectly. One of the reasons I really appreciate this Optima battery is because it offers a much higher level of vibration protection. It is fifteen times more resistant to vibrations. If you know anything about batteries, you know vibrations are what lead to reduced longevity.

Highlighted Features:

  • 12-volt battery with a C20 capacity of 48 Ampere hours
  • Offers a 98-minute reserve capacity for continued reliance
  • Dimensions are 9 5/16" x 6 13/16" x 7 5/8"
  • Offers over 300 discharge/recharge cycles


  • Powerful and reliable battery that is ideal for all weather conditions
  • Fifteen times more resistant to damaging vibrations
  • Offers 620 cold-cranking amps
  • Red terminal is on the right


  • May need to be slightly modified for some trucks

3. Odyssey 65-PC1750T Battery

Here we have another Odyssey battery, and you will find this one is just as reliable as our number one review. One of the reasons I purchased this battery is because it boasts of offering up to ten years of service life. It is an AGM battery, and I fully rely on these for many of my trucks.

This battery offers up to 400 or more cycles at 80% depth of discharge rate. It also offers one of the highest recharge rates of any battery on the market. Compared to conventional batteries, you can expect up to a 70% life performance level from this Odyssey battery.

You get a 100% recharge in only 4-6 hours, making this one of the most reliable batteries on the market. You also get a much higher level of protection against vibrations. As we have talked about above, fewer vibrations mean a longer level of performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • 12-volt battery with a reserve capacity of 145 minutes
  • Fully recharges in 4-6 hours
  • Offers up to 10 years of service life
  • Offers full mounting flexibility


  • Offers up to a 70% longer life cycle than other conventional batteries
  • Offers a high level of vibration resistance
  • Cold crank amps are 950
  • Offers a 3 and 4-year warranty


  • May not be appropriate for all trucks-check manufacturer recommendations
ford f150 battery

Things to Consider Before You Buy Best Battery for Ford F150 Trucks

There are a few things you are going to need to consider when purchasing the best ford f150 battery. We are here to break down all the considerations, so you will be prepared to make a purchase right away.

  • Compatibility

You must refer to your owner’s manual to determine the exact type of battery that is needed. If a battery is not compatible with your truck, it will be a wasted purchase. When in doubt, always purchase a battery with the same dimensions, voltage, and amps recommended by your owner’s manual. This is important for all vehicles, not just Ford F150s.

  • Operational Temperature

This is especially something to consider if you live in extreme climates that either get really cold or way too hot. Truck batteries operate most efficiently when the ambient temperature is between 68-86 degrees, give or take a few degrees in either direction.

  • Cold-Cranking Amps

The cold-cranking amps are the number of amps that are released upon cold-cranking. If you live in a very cold climate, where temperatures go below zero, you must choose a battery with the highest CCA rating possible.

  • Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity is another integral consideration. If you run a lot of electronics in your truck, you need a high reserve capacity. If you want the best battery for high electronic demands, go with an AGM battery. Make sure the reserve capacity is high enough for your individual needs, for the best results. This will ensure you do not have any issues running all your electronic devices.

  • Cranking Amps

Cranking amps are also an important consideration. While a smaller truck may only require around 400 starting amps, some of the larger F150s may need up to 1000. If you have a heavy-duty truck, make sure to purchase a battery with no less than 1000 amps of cranking power, so you do not find yourself having a stuttering start.

  • Proper Fit

Last, but certainly not least, your battery must fit properly under the hood of your Ford F150. An improper fit can be an extreme safety hazard, resulting in serious injuries and/or damage to your engine. Make sure the battery you purchase fits precisely, or have it professionally installed to avoid problems.

The above are some of the most important considerations for choosing a battery for a Ford F150. Make sure to click through the above links and ensure you read as much as possible, so you are prepared to make the right purchase.

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FAQs For Ford Battery

Before we end this buying guide review, we always like to make sure to answer some of the questions our readers have regarding batteries. We love answering reader questions and encourage you to submit any you may have.

  • Why is it necessary to use a truck battery vs one for any automotive?

In most cases, a regular battery for a car is not going to be powerful enough to run a truck. Yes, truck batteries are a little more expensive than car batteries, but this is because they offer a higher level of power. Power is something you do not want to compromise on.

  • How long will a truck battery last before needing to be replaced?

If you want a long-lasting battery, might we recommend you purchase an AGM? AGM batteries can last up to ten years, depending on the manufacturer and amount of use. An acid-lead battery will last about three years with regular use.

  • What is a deep cycle battery?

Many people become confused about the different types of batteries that are available. Deep cycle batteries are typically reserved for marine vessels. When it comes to Ford F150s, AGM batteries are preferred.

Final Thoughts

This comprehensive guide is meant to help you determine which Ford F150 battery will be best to meet your needs. Having the right battery will keep your Ford F150 starting and running as it should. A dead battery is not going to get you anywhere. We keep an extra battery on hand at all times. For the best results, purchase an AGM battery and install it properly. With the links above, you can rest assured you will purchase the best battery for ford f150. Feel free to click through the links and learn more before purchasing your new Ford truck battery.

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