7 Best Brake Pads for Ford F150 4×4- Increase Your Stopping Power

Keeping your Ford F150 4X4 safe on the road is a big priority. Brakes are essential for saving your life, and they need to be in sound shape to work appropriately. Not all brakes can meet the demands of a big truck, such as a Ford F150. With the best brake pads for Ford F150, you can rest assured your brakes will perform at the highest level possible. With this guide, you will learn more about why brakes are so important for your tuck and what you should look for when shopping. Allow our reviews to help you make the best shopping decision for your truck.

What Type of Brake Pads for Ford F150 Should You Buy?

Because of their sheer weight alone, a large truck needs brake pads that are going to offer superior stopping power. When shopping for the best brake pads for Ford F150, it can sometimes be challenging trying to figure out which ones will be best.

There are multiple types of brake pads available, and it is important to understand the types. Consider the following when shopping.

  • Semi-Metallic 

Semi-metallic brake pads are made of both metal and non-metal components. In most cases, the percentage of metal is typically around 30%. Although semi-metallic brake pads are strong and durable, they can be noisy.

  • Fully-Metallic

As the name suggests, these brake pads are made of full metal. They are very strong brake pads, but they can cause more wear and tear on the rotors.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic brake pads are the new kids on the block. These produce low brake dust and offer superior stopping power.

  • Non-Asbestos

These brake pads are constructed of all organic materials. These are much quieter and produce less friction, but they also produce a lot of brake dust and may break down much faster.

Top 7 Best Brake Pads for Ford F150 4x4

With so many different brake pad manufacturers, it can be a bit confusing determining which one to purchase. With our Ford F150 brake rotors reviews, you will be able to find the exact pair of brake pads that will offer the best stopping power and the highest level of performance.

1. Bosch QuietCast Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

These brake pads are made specifically for the Ford F150, and they perform at a truly high level. Ceramic brakes are some of the best on the market, and they out-perform many other types, including fully-metallic brake pads.

These Bosch brake pads are constructed from a strong aerospace alloy, allowing them to offer the highest level of brake performance. These brake pads include a protective transfer layer that helps to extend their lifespan and the life of your rotors.

These brake pads feature slots and chamfers, which help to reduce wear and tear and noise. Bosch has become one of the most trusted names in braking components, and for good reason. They have over 70 years of experience in providing aftermarket brake pads.

The O-E style rubber shim is meant to reduce noise and wear and tear. With all these components combined, Bosch brakes are meant to perform at the highest level, without breaking down and causing dangers.

You can rely on Bosch brakes for your Ford F150 4X4. They are especially reliable for stopping fast, which is why so many off-roaders prefer them. These brake pads are copper-free and come individually wrapped, so they do not suffer any damage during the shipping process. The brake pads also come with lubricant and mounting hardware.

Featured Highlights:

  • Made of five layers of strong materials to hold up for many miles
  • Ceramic materials provide the best upgrade
  • These brake pads are meant for severe and medium-duty truck applications
  • This is Bosch’s longest pad life offering

2. Power Stop Front Brake Kit for Trucks

These brake pads are made from carbon fiber ceramic materials that are meant to hold up for many miles, even on trucks that tow heavy loads. With the addition of carbon fiber, these Power Stop brakes offer a much higher level of stopping power over traditional ceramic brakes, giving truck owners the ultimate in safety and performance.

Power Stop brakes produce much less dust, averaging around 30% less compared to OE brakes. This kit includes everything you need to keep your truck braking safely. You will receive a pair of rotors that have been drilled and slotted, to ensure the highest level of cooling, so the brake pads and rotors last much longer.

This Power Stop brake kit also comes with stainless steel hardware and a high-temperature lubricant to prevent uneven wear and tear and overheating. This brake kit will fit a Ford F150 2010-2019. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for fit requirements.

In addition to the rotors being slotted and drilled, they are also coated with a special zinc coating. Zinc is a metal that can hold up to extreme heat, without breaking down and becoming damaged. Replacing your OE rotors and brake pads with this Power Stop kit will lead to greatly enhanced braking and safety.

Highlighted Features:

  • Kit includes everything you need for upgrading your brakes
  • Made of carbon fiber and ceramic construction
  • Zinc-plated rotors offer extreme rust protection
  • These pads reduce brake dust by up to 30%

3. Detroit Axle Front and Back Brake Kit

If you are looking for new brakes to upgrade your OE Ford F150 braking system, this Detroit Axle kit is one you should definitely consider. This kit includes everything you need to make an upgrade to 100% ceramic brake pads. As discussed, ceramic brakes are one of the newest types of brake pads, and they are becoming increasingly popular among Ford F150 and other 4X4 owners.

This kit includes rotors and brake pads. The rotors are coated with a powerful layer of zinc, which helps to protect the metal from becoming rusty due to water exposure. Detroit Axle stands behind their brake kits and offers a ten-year warranty on every kit.

This Detroit Axle Front and Back Brake Kit fits Ford F150 2004 to 2008 models. To ensure the perfect fit, make sure to compare your model and manufacturer’s recommendations. This rotor system is made for a 6-lug hub, so it will not fit if there are not six lugs.

When you purchase Detroit Axle brake kits, you can rest assured they are manufactured to specific original equipment standards. They do not compromise on manufacturing components or production. This kit includes the clips and the ceramic brake lubricant, which holds up to high levels of heat without breaking down.

Highlighted Features:

  • This is a complete brake kit and includes everything you need for a ceramic brake upgrade
  • The rotors are zinc-coated, making them more resistant to rust
  • Includes a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Fits Ford F150 2004-2008 models

4. Power Stop Front and Back Complete Brake Kit

Here is another Power Stop offering. This Extreme brake kit provides all you will need for upgrading your front and rear brakes. It does not include the calipers, but Power Stop does offer a kit that does if you need new ones.

Through independent testing, it has been determined these Power Stop brake pads produce as little as 30% less brake dust, making them attractive for many Ford F150 owners. As a part of their enhanced production efforts, Power Stop has included shims that are made from premium stainless steel, making these some of the best brake pads and rotors on the market.

This brake pad and rotor kit fits Ford F150 2012-2018 models. The kit includes ceramic brake lubricator and stainless-steel hardware. The rotors are coated in a heavy-duty layer of zinc to protect them from rust and corrosion, which can cause damage and prevent proper braking.

This brake system replacement offers a perfect replacement for OE parts. It is ideal for 4X4 owners, off-roaders, and towers. With this brake system, you can rest assured your truck will experience a higher level of braking, without having to sacrifice drivability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rotors offer zinc dichromate plating, for better rust prevention
  • Ceramic brake pads are infused with carbon fibers for greater strength and durability
  • Offers drilled and slotted rotors for cooler operating temperatures
  • Increased braking power for increased load capacity

5. Approved Performance 4WD Brake Kit

This brake kit features everything you need to replace your OE 4WD brake pads and rotors with ease. Manufactured with rubber-coated shims, these brake pads are meant to greatly reduce braking sounds, for a much quieter ride.

One of the biggest damaging factors for rotors is a buildup of heat. These rotors have been drilled and slotted and are coated with black powder to keep them cooler and to prevent rust buildup. You will find this brake system offers smooth braking with low noise and consistent stopping, even in aggressive driving conditions.

If you plan to do a lot of hauling, you are going to need an upgrade as this brake system offers. Those who have been Ford F150 owners for a long time know the stock brakes are somewhat anemic. Upgrading to these rotors and pads will offer amazing stopping power with no compromise on driving smoothness or sound.

Approved Performance has manufactured these brake pads without petroleum adhesives, so there is much less breakdown. With less breakdown comes decreased brake dust sticking to your rotors and clogging your wheels.

Featured Highlights:

  • Includes black powder-coated drilled and slotted rotors
  • Carbon fiber infused ceramic brake pads
  • Rubber-coated shims for much less vibration and noise
  • Fits to exact original equipment specifications

6.  Wagner’s ThermoQuiet Ceramic Brake Pads

Most Ford F150 owners want to upgrade to ceramic because it offers a much more consistent stopping power and less noise. Wagner has worked tirelessly to ensure their brake pads are made to spread heat across the pad and prevent warping and breakdown.

No truck owner wants a lot of brake dust building up on their spotless rims. Not only does brake dust make your ride look less attractive, but it also causes damage to the rims, adding to corrosion. If you have expensive rims, buying the right braking system is going to be critical.

They do not call these ThermoQuiet for no reason. They are shaped by a laser, giving them the ability to brake quickly, without excessive noise. These are made with IM technology that integrates into a one-piece solid design.

Featured Highlights:

  • Brake pads feature a molded sound barrier for quieter operation
  • Offers advanced stainless-steel hardware
  • Reduces heat buildup and reduces brake fade
  • Keeps your wheels much cleaner due to lowered brake dust

7. Bosch QuietCast Semi-Metallic Brake Set

Here we have another Bosch brake set because they are one of the most trusted names in the industry. If you are looking for a more affordable option, semi-metallic brake sets are the way to go. As with all premium brake pads, these Bosch QuietCast Semi-Metallic pads are meant to offer amazing stopping ability, with an ultra-quiet operation.

This brake pad is manufactured with a rubberized shim that helps to reduce vibration by hugging the rotor. Less vibration means reduced wear and tear and noise. Just like the other Bosch brake pad we featured, this one is free of copper and is made from a special aerospace alloy.

These brake pads feature a fully protective layer that helps to shield the pad from damage and also extends the life of the pad and your rotors.

This kit includes the hardware and lubricant, so you have everything necessary for a complete brake replacement. It includes the slots and chamfers for a premium fit and the highest level of braking ability.

Featured Highlights:

  • Made from premium materials for a semi-metallic construction
  • Manufactured to reduce brake noise and dust
  • Offers a protective layer that reduces friction and expands the lifespan
  • Fits Ford F150 2004-2011 models

Things to Consider Before You Buy Best Brake Pads for Ford F150 4×4

If you want to increase your stopping ability and improve the safety of your Ford F150, a proper braking system is necessary. Before choosing the best brake pads for f150, you must know what to look for in a set. Consider the following, and you will be prepared to make the right purchase for your Ford F150.


We discussed the materials brake pads are constructed from above. A new addition, in the form of ceramic brake pads, has entered the scene and has many truck owners talking. Ceramic brakes are much stronger and more durable than their metal counterparts. Many manufacturers are now embedding carbon fibers in their ceramic pads for even greater strength.

Slotted and Drilled

When choosing a brake set, make sure to choose a rotor that is slotted and drilled. Solid rotors warp over time because of the buildup of heat. Now, manufacturers have advanced technology that allows them to construct rotors with slots and drilled holes. These allow heat to dissipate quickly, so the rotors cool down and do not warp due to excessive heat.

Low Dust

Some types of brake pads create a lot of dust, and this is more than a simple aesthetic problem to handle. Brake dust can be corrosive and can end up causing damage to the rotors and may cause the brake pads to wear down quicker. With the right materials and manufacturing steps, brake pads will emit much less dust.

Reduced Noise

No one wants to deal with squeaky brakes. Rubberized shims help to reduce vibration, which in turn, helps to reduce brake noise. Excess noise can be annoying and takes away from the low growl of your ride.


It can sometimes be stressful attempting to find the right brake pads for a Ford F150. Durable brake pads are necessary. Below are some of the reader-submitted questions we have received on the topic.

  • Are all brake pads and rotors the same?

Every vehicle is different when it comes to the specific shape of their brake pad. Therefore, you must choose a brake pad that is made for your specific vehicle model and year. Always check with your manufacturer’s handbook and double-check before you purchase to be sure it fits your year.

  • What comes with a brake pad set?

At the bare minimum, each box will contain four brake pads, one for each side of the rotor. Some manufacturers also include rotors, hardware, and lubrication materials.

  • What causes a brake pad to wear out faster?

While many manufacturers produce lasting brake pads, your vehicle and style of driving can also have a big impact. For instance, if you live in a rural area without much traffic, your brake pads are going to last longer than those being used in urban areas with large amounts of traffic. Ceramic brakes with carbon fibers infused in them will typically last much longer than metal brakes.

Final Words

Finding the right pair of brakes for the front and rear of your Ford F150 will give you increased braking ability, which greatly increases your safety. Being able to stop with little warning is important when heavy traffic abounds.

If you are searching for the best brake pads for ford f150 4x4, this guide will help. We have submitted our top seven reviews. Feel free to click through them and discover more information, so you will be able to make the best purchase for your truck’s braking needs.

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