10 Best Floor Mats For F150 Reviews 2020

​If you are a proud owner of F-150, you must be enjoying its off-road capabilities. But you can enjoy driving when your beast has a clean interior. For this purpose, floor liners are necessary as they provide coverage to the flooring of F-150 and add a style to its interior.

Floor mats protect your truck from any kind of mess and spills and keep its appealing appearance intact. Choosing the floor mat is a bit complicated task than you think. For your convenience, we have compiled the best floor mats for f150. So, choose the one that fulfills your requirement.

​Benefits of Using Good Floor Mats for F150

There are many benefits of using the superior quality floor mats for F150. Let's check them out.

  • Seals moisture

Good quality floor mats protect your F-150 from spillage stains that can be due to poor road conditions, or sometimes it happens accidentally. 

  • Traps dirt

Once the floor mats fit in your truck's flooring, they will trap the dirt and debris. People sometimes use their vehicle for sports and muddy events. Floor mats have to endure mud, dirt, and other mess, so consider floor mats that can tolerate the abuse, and for this purpose, it is necessary to have the ​best floor mats for ford f150.

  • Hassle free cleaning

Floor mats for f150 protect the flooring of your vehicle. All the spillage or dry dirt effectively traps in them, and you can easily clean using soap and water. The product leaves no odor when dry.

  • Protects interior

A good quality floor mats provide the best protection to your vehicle's floor. They keep the carpet clean and dry. 

  • Visually appealing

Floor mats add color and class to your vehicle by lifting its interior look. Choose the one that has a balance of functionality and design. The clean floor liners are aesthetically appealing, provide protection, and add beauty to your truck.

  • Slip resistance

Floor mats resist falling. Slip resistance mats are perfect for the elderly, the disabled people, or children who are susceptible to falling.

Types of Floor mats for F-150

  • All weather mats

All weather floor mats trap mud, sand, road salt, and water. These mats are made from TPE advanced rubber-like compound. This material is virtually odorless and contains no PVC's lead or cadmium and is recyclable.

  • Carpet mats

Carpet mats provide coverage and protection at a lower cost. It is the best option to consider if you typically don't drive in a lot of grime and dirt.

  • Rubber mats

Rubber floor mats offer the best protection for the price. These are easy to clean and made to withstand dirty and harsh climates. Rubber mats are perfect if you are in an area with a lot of rain or snow.

  • Aluminum mats

Aluminum mats give a metallic look to your vehicle, and these are many times easier to clean. These mats are durable and can be trimmed and customized to the required size. These can be made water-resistant and is the perfect choice for your automobile. 

floor mats for f150

10 Best Floor Mats for F150 Reviews 2020

​#1) Husky Liners Ford F-150 SuperCrew- One of the Best f150 Floor Mats

Husky Liners are one of the best floor mats for Ford F150 SuperCrew today. These floor mats are engineered, keeping comfort in mind.

Husky Liner design perfectly fits the boundary of your vehicle with vinyl or carpeted floorboards. It uses dura grip quality rubberize material, which is soft and durable. These sporty and rugged mats provide superior carpet protection. The combo set saves your money on every purchase. The precision fit matches the contours of your beast, and it holds a spill until you wash it off, giving it a newer look.

The mat comes with strength and offers a comfortable and soft touch. These heavy-duty mats are ultra-tough and can easily withstand the abuses. The floor liners provide coverage to the entire foot well, and the raised edges run along with the door jam that protects the truck from all the mess. The cutting-edge, accurate laser scanning offers the best shape and installs in seconds. It cleans easily, and the color compliments every interior. So you are protected from mud, water, gas, oil, and battery acid.

Highlighted Features

  • FormFit design perfectly suits the detailed contour of your ride.
  • The stay-put cleats hold the liners in place
  • Material is rugged and withstands abuse easily
  • Lifetime guarantee

​#2) MAX LINER for Ford F-150 SuperCrew- 

MAXLINER floor mats are comprised of low-density materials offering durability and elasticity and provide full floor coverage in your vehicle.

Choosing the best F150 floor mats is a difficult task. MAXLINER floor mats solve this problem quickly as it has a variety of features. These floor mats have molded outer edge and raised lip that lock in dirt and spills. The raised lip design prevents any unwanted thing from reaching the vehicle's carpet and protects from the mess. The mat shape does not change, and it is flexible too.  These floor mats come in the standard, multi-purpose form and give the best interior to your vehicle with the perfect fit.

This mat not only offers superior protection but also upgrades the appearance of your vehicle's interior with its modern design and textured surfaces. MAXLINER mats are affordable and provide all weather protection against mud, snow, salt water, sand, and more. They come with spill saver lip and are detachable from a vehicle that makes them easy to clean.

MAXLINER floor mats are engineered with a precision that offers a stable fit. These are compatible with the original fasteners of your vehicle. It means if your truck comes equipped with a hook, or clasp than Maxliner mats are a perfect solution for them too. These mats offer excellent fit and provide protection that includes all the original holding points.
Highlighted Features

Highlighted Features

  • Fits only SuperCrew cab and does not suitable for models that come with vinyl flooring
  • Low-density material offers floorboard coverage
  • All-weather mats with 100% odorless protection
  • Stain-resistant giving your truck's interior a first-class look
  • Custom-fit protects carpet floor by spill and mess due to raised lip

​#3) Weathertech Floor Liners-Full Set- One of the Best Floor Liners for F150

The talented engineers and designers at WeatherTech used advanced concepts and developed one of the best floor protection options.

WeatherTech floor liners are laser-measured for protecting the sides, front, and back of your vehicle's footwell. These foot liners have superior strength, dependability, and flexible enough to remain under extreme temperatures. 

The WeatherTech FloorLiner perfectly lines the floor carpet offering absolute protection to the interior of your vehicle.  The Interior surface has digital laser measurements that provide a consistently perfect fit. The high-density core materials are engineered with high-tech surfacing that easily carries mess away from clothing and shoes. 

The surfacing creates channels that effortlessly carry the debris and fluids to a reservoir with channeling to reduce fluid movement while riding. These floor liners protect the resale value of your vehicle as it maintains the interior condition. The rear floor liner incorporates the same design features as that of front FloorLiner and is manufactures from custom-blended TPO. It is wear-resistant and flexible under extreme temperatures. The material is non-toxic, odorless, and contains no cadmium, latex, and harmful PVC's. Weathertech Floorliners are stain-resistant, and routine maintenance is necessary to prolong life and product integrity.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy and quick clean up
  • Engineered for durability and toughness
  • Protects from all types of wear and tear
  • Fits 2015 to 2018 Ford F150 SuperCrew with Front row Bucket seats

​#4) Husky Liners Black Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners Fits 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab

Husky liners 99001 are perfect to use in Dodge Ram Crew Cab 2009-2019, and they fit well in your vehicle.

Husky liners have unique designs, and that makes it one of the best products available in the market. The floor liners protect the car floor and fit perfectly, improving the interior of your car. The floor liner ridges have grooves and channels that easily trap water spills, debris, and dirt. Installation and maintenance are easy. These liners come with anti-slip backing technology that helps to keep floor liners in a proper position. The price is also pocket-friendly. 

These liners always protect your vehicle's interior. These mats are weather beaters and withstand extreme temperatures. No matter it is rainy or snowy, these mats will protect your vehicle's flooring from dust, mud, or snow. Husky liners are made from the best quality rubber, and thus they resist oil, battery acid, or gas. Hundred of nibs are present on the backside of these mats so to prevent moving while you drive.

Highlighted Features

  • FormFit design perfectly suits the detailed contour of your ride.
  • The stay-put cleats hold the liners in place
  • Material is rugged and withstands abuse easily
  • Lifetime guarantee

​#5) MAX LINER for Ford F-150 2015-2020 SuperCrew Cab with 1st Row Bench Seat

The low-density materials of MAXLINER A0212/B0188 floor mats provide durability and elasticity, providing full flooring coverage to your vehicle.  

MAXLINER Floor mats come with the molded outer edge and raised lip, and they can lock in the liquid spills and dirt effectively.  The raised lip prevents any mess from reaching the floor carpet of your vehicle and thus protects from messy accidents.

The designed shape keeps the floor mat flexible. These floor mats come in a standard form giving the best interior to your vehicle. The MAXLINER provides superior protection for your car and upgrades the overall appearance with its modern design and textured surfaces.

These mats are more affordable and provide all weather protection against sand, mud, snow, salt water, and other mess. Spill saver lip will prevent the spill from reaching the carpet. The mats are easy to clean, and maintenance is simple.
Highlighted Features

Highlighted Features

  • Low-density material offers floorboard coverage
  • All-weather mats with 100% odorless protection
  • Fits only SuperCrew cab and does not suitable for models that come with vinyl flooring
  • Stain-resistant giving your truck's interior a first-class look
  • Custom-fit protects carpet floor by spill and mess due to raised lip
  • Skid-resistant Textured surface can be cleaned by wiping or using soap and water
  • Modern style, perfect fit and durable
  • Lifetime warranty

​#6) Motor Trend MT-923-BK Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats for Car SUV Truck & Van-All Weather Protection

Motor Trend MT-923 is a series of robust and flexible mats that are designed to offer maximum protection. The mats come with diagonal and linear ridges that enhance the dirt trapping capabilities. These mats are made of high quality polymers that are non-toxic and odorless. The rubber polymers can withstand the extreme conditions and ensure that the product doesn't crack, deform, or split.  You can easily trim them to fit in precisely. They come with an inverted deep shell design with no-slip nibbed underneath. Ergonomic grooves on top give comfort and foot traction.

You need a pair of scissors to cut your mats to fit your F-150 contours and gas pedal. You should cut away through lines for a perfect fitment. These mats protect your car from dirt, mess, and spills. Motor trend mats come with waterproof capabilities to keep the moisture out. Keep the floor of your vehicle covered, and do not worry about the mess made by your kid or pet. Simply remove the detachable mats and clean them to get rid of the mess.

Highlighted Features

  • Odorless EVA Rubber
  • Approved by SGS European Standard; HEPA
  • They don't split, crack or deform
  • Rubberized nibs underneath does not all to move
  • Guard against debris and spills
  • Withstand snow, rain, mud and more
  • Designed for compatibility
  • Trim to fit only with a pair of scissors
  • Rear (58" L x 18" W) and Front (31.5" L x 22.5" W)

​#7) oEdRo Floor Mats Liners Compatible for 2015-2020 Ford F-150 SuperCrew All-Weather Guard

oERo Floor Mats provide the ultimate protection to the car floor carpet, giving it a stylish look. This floor mat has one piece over-hump design of the back seat and protects the hump part and footwell.   Simply snap the clips into the floor anchors that fix the liner set to preserve the hindering the pedals and shifting around. TPE material is heavy-duty, and it is 100% safe. It is non-toxic and odorless, which contains no lead, latex, cadmium, or other harmful PVC's. In extremely hot or cold weather, this material never emits toxic substances.

The 3D extended edge will not allow the liquid to flow. TPE material is sturdy and withstands all weather conditions such as snow, rain, mud, fluid, and other mess leaking into the carpet flooring.

Highlighted Features

  • Mats precisely fit and compatible for 2015-2020 Ford F-150 Super Crew
  • Includes one rear and two front floor mats with precision digital laser scanning protecting the back of footwell
  • Accurately and completely lines the interior carpet
  • All weather guard with TPE composition
  • Tough, durable, odorless and temperature resistant
  • Limited lifetime warranty

​#8) 3D MAXpider Ford F-150 SuperCrew 2015-2020 All-Weather Car Floor Mats Liners

The 3D MAXpider is an all-weather floor liner that provides interior protection. You can make your vehicle interior appealing using this customized accessory.

3D MAXpider uses a high-precision scanning technology that is made to perfectly fit your vehicle model with floor coverage and maximum accuracy.  The hybrid innovative multi-layer construction provides complete interior protection. It absorbs vibrations and enhances your passenger comfort.

You can enjoy the fantastic benefits and create a safer, pleasant, and better driving experience. Each mat is tailor-made to provide the perfect fit and extensive coverage area on the front, footrest and rear rows. It protects the car flooring from mud, salt, dirt, snow, and they are easy to clean up when required.

The fibers offer anti-skid performance to place the carpet and prevent shifting securely. These mats work with factory-installed posts for added security. 

Highlighted Features

  • All weather protection
  • Multi-layer construction
  • Perfect fit
  • 100% odorless
  • Easy to clean

​#9) Gator 79611 Black Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners- Best Ford F150 Floor Mats SuperCrew

Gator 79611 is built to protect your f-150 floorboard and offers a perfect fit.These seat liners are laser-measured, ensuring the perfect fit.

The floor liners provide maximum coverage and protection from snow, mud, dirt, rain, and liquid spills. You can now drive without thinking about the mess. Gator will hold the mess until it can be cleaned, removed, and re-install.

The material is environmentally friendly and odorless. The excellent durability and elasticity make these mats a superior choice. You can drive anytime, even in extreme cold or hot weather. The laser fit design of floor mats matches perfectly with the floorboards of your F-150.

Raised edge construction holds the spills and debris quickly. These mats firmly secure to the retention system of the vehicle keeping the floor mat locked.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy, all-weather construction protects the truck from extreme temperature
  • The material is resistant to water, mud, debris, and chemicals
  • Raised edge design holds the waste and liquid until you clean them
  • Floor mats remain lock in one place

​#10) 3W Floor Mats for Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab Heavy Duty 1st & 2nd Row Bucket Seating TPE Floor Liner​

​3W Floor Mats for F-150 are designed for maximum coverage and made from TPE. These floor liners are compatible for 2015-2020 Ford F-150

These floor mats give coverage and are made from thermoplastic elastomer material for superior protection, which is odorless, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic and ensures more elasticity, durability, and resilience.

These all weather mats protect against rain, dirt, snow, salt, fog mud, etc. So you can drive quickly anywhere you want in extreme hold or cold. The mats are easy to clean and simply take a few minutes to wash off with water hose or wiping with a damp towel keeping the floor mat new. TPE has the quality of rubber and plastic material providing more resilience, strength, durability, and elasticity.  It has superior thermal properties along with stability when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Highlighted Features

  • All weather guard with TPE composition
  • Tough, durable, odorless and temperature resistant
  • Withstand snow, rain, mud and more
  • Designed for compatibility
Best ford Floor Mats

​Things to Consider Before Buying Best Floor Mats for F150

Choosing the best floor liner for F150 is not simple. It is necessary to pay attention to a few essential things before picking the one for your beast.

  • Brand

The brand of a product determines the quality. There is a common belief that the superior quality products are higher in price, and it is the same in the case of F-150 floor mats too. There are various floor mat options, so choose the one that fulfills your need. So consider the floor mat that best suits your requirements and interests.

The long-existing brand is trusted to deliver quality floor mats as it is reliable and overcome many challenges in manufacturing, considering the customer reviews throughout the years.

  • Cost

The price of the floor mat for your F-150 depends on the quality and the brand. Make a budget before buying the one. Do not consider buying if you cannot afford it. You don't need to spend a hefty amount to purchase the mats above your budget.  

  • Durability

Floor mats should be durable to resist force and stress. The durability is the result of the material used in the construction. Some floor mats are incredibly resistant to temperature and perfect for users who live in a region with extreme hot or cold weather.

  • Technological Advancement

There are some options for floor mats that provide digital protection to your beasts, and they are engineered to remove stains, water, snow, and spillages faster and easier.

  • Design

There are not many designs of floor mats to choose from, but it all depends on your choice. You may like something that looks classy or need a durable floor mat.  Some floor mats are aesthetically pleasing but not long-lasting, while some offer more protection but look rugged. So consider the floor mats with a balance of functionality and design.

  • Fit

Consider the fit you want for your F-150 floor mat because some floor mats provide minimum coverage and have cleats or clasps that tuck it in the place and have an appealing look. However, some mats cover full, but braces underneath can damage the flooring. Ensure that floor mats fit your trucks because some manufacturers offer designs for specific models only.

  • Material

Considering the material is essential as it determines durability. Floor mats are made of different types of materials, namely carpet, vinyl, rubber, or plastic. Carpet looks classy and blends easily with the floor carpet of your truck. These absorb stains readily but wear and tear faster. Vinyl floor mats are waterproof and more comfortable to clean. You have to clean them using soap and water; however, they can wear down quickly.

Rubber made floor mats is most durable but does not look appealing. They have a rugged design and have a longer life and can withstand spills, mud, or dirt and can be wiped down easily. Plastic floor mats are tough, but some products are made from cheap plastic. However, a superior quality plastic floor mat is easy to clean and flexible.  Choose the high quality floor mats regardless of its material.


  • ​Which material is used to make F-150 floor mats?

Most of the F-150 floor mats are made from a compound known as Thermoplastic Elastomer. It does not contain cadmium, harmful PVCs, or lead. TPE is virtually odorless and 100% recyclable.

  • How frequently should floor mats of F-150 be replaced?

Heavy-duty F-150 floor mats have a long-lasting performance. Some floor mats are resistant to high temperatures. Most high quality floor mats for F-150 outlast longer if proper care is taken.

  • Is it fine to place an F-150 floor mat on top of the factory mat?  

No, the F-150 floor mat should be used once removing the factory floor mat as it provides perfect installation. When you place the floor mat on top of the factory mat, then it results in improper fitting, which will not protect your truck from dirt, debris, and spillage.

Final Words

In this article, we have suggested the best floor mats for F150. Now you can choose the one that suits yours needs to make your truck interior hygienic and clean. Floor mats will give your beast a new look and maintains its cleanliness. Consider buying better quality floor mats that can serve for a long time. Considering the features such as installation, color, maintenance, and durability are extremely important to choose the best product for your F-150. So, if you are seeking to replace the old liner and want something durable and affordable, then the above mentioned floor mats are perfect as they are versatile, pleasing, and functional. Grab the one soon, and do not let the stains and other mess spoiling your truck's beauty.

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