How to Change the Ford F150 battery?

​Most of the vehicle enthusiasts have experienced a bad battery. The Ford F-series trucks are no exception. Many updates came over the years, but the battery removal remains the standard operation. A good battery is one of the significant components for vehicle operation as it assists in starting the engine and keeping the electronics in pace. It is because of a battery-only that you can play music and charge your phone even when the F-150 engine is not in use.

Like every component, the battery also loses power gradually over time, especially in the cold weather.  It is necessary to buy the best battery for f150 and get it tested from time to time.

How do F-150 batteries work?

The batteries of Ford F-150 produce energy to power your accessories, lights, and engine. Most of the automotive batteries rely on an acid-lead chemical reaction. These batteries come in the category of SLI means to start, light, and ignition. Once the energy from the batteries reaches the engine, the alternator provides power.

Changing the Battery of Ford F-150

Let us discuss the ways to change a battery of Ford F-150.

  • Know the details of the engine compartment

The first step is to carefully note down the battery dimensions and the connection types of the terminal. You must also see the amp-hour rating, which is the number indicated on the battery.  It is necessary to replace the battery that has a larger rating or the same size. 

  • Detach the battery

Now hold the rubber tubing and remove the negative terminal and then the positive terminal. Be aware of the metal terminal to avoid the shock.

Remove the battery

Take 8mm socket wrench and remove the battery by holding down clamp. Batteries have caustic sulfuric acid that emits hydrogen gas, which is extremely flammable and can lead to an explosion. Thus, it is crucial to handle the battery carefully.

Cleaning the battery terminals

Clean and carefully inspect the battery terminals. You can use any of the products that are made specifically for cleaning the battery terminals. Make sure to remove any dirt or acid buildup in the compartment. Now sprinkle a small amount of baking soda over the battery compartment and then flush it with clean water.

  • Installing the new battery

Place the new battery of Ford F-150 in the tray and then tighten the clamps.  Attach the cable on the positive terminal.

How to Change Ford F150 battery

Important Points to Consider While Changing the Battery

  • When you install a new battery, make sure to connect the positive red-wired cable before the negative black cable. This reduces the chance of electrical sparks.
  • Ensure wearing safety goggles and gloves when you are ready to replace a battery. This is necessary to protect you from an unlikely event of a battery explosion.
  • Do not touch the wrenches between the terminal and other parts
  • You should discard the old battery as per the local laws
  • Carefully read and understand the owner’s manual to determine the reset process for a vehicle.
  • Collect all the necessary items such as a battery, 8mm socket wrench, wire brush, battery terminal cleaner,  water, and baking soda before starting the process of changing the battery.

When should you replace a Ford F-150 battery?

Choosing the best battery, an exhaust system for your truck and oil for your car is extremely important for the proper operation of your vehicle. The battery of Ford F-150 lasts for 3-5 years, and it is necessary to test the battery frequently. Typically an average battery of Ford F-150 carries 12 to 13 volts, and thus anything higher than 13 volts indicates that your battery is faulty. So once the period is over, or your battery begins to show inappropriate voltage ratings, you should replace the battery.

What are the signs that Ford F-150 needs a new battery?

The most common signs of bad batteries are if your f-150 is slow to start once you turn the key or if the battery connectors and cables are corroded. You may hear the clicking sound when you turn the key or if electronics work appropriately, but the vehicle does not start.

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