Simple Tricks to Make Exhaust Tips Clean and Shiny

Fast and loud Ford F-150 is exciting to drive. An aftermarket exhaust system for 3.5 Ecoboost F150 is an easy and appropriate way to get enormous power down to the wheels, along with providing it an intense tone. The engine is the heart of a vehicle, so it is essential to take care of it.

An air filter is a significant component, and it keeps the engine clean by providing clean air. It prevents contaminants from getting pulled into the vehicle’s engine and protects the engine from damage. If you are a proud owner of F-150, then it is necessary to use the best air filter for your truck.

Exhaust tips look great, but they quickly get dirty. A driving enthusiast is always bothered by a black exhaust tip. Let us find out why an exhaust tip gets dirty, and what are the ways to clean it for a shiny look?

What makes exhaust tip black?

Exhaust tip turns black because of black soot. The black soot contains hydrocarbons and is a byproduct of the combustion cycle.  This black stuff is an unburnt fuel that is caused by engine boost. These minute carbon particles get accumulated in the crankcase oil, and after some time, the soot builds up in the oil leading to many problems.

The accumulated soot in the oil completely traps the oil filter, and it is a challenge to keep the soot under control.  In the case of small turbo engines, manufacturers tune engines to make use of more fuel to escape from overheating. It is a processs of cooling.

Motor oil nourishes the engine; thus, it is essential to choose the oil for your car wisely. Moving engine parts are prone to wear and tear, and the oil prevents the engine from debris and dirt. Changing engine oil is necessary. The motor oil comes with extra additives that work as detergents in engine cleaning. Thus good quality motor oil keeps the vehicle’s engine clean for a long time.

Tricks to Make Exhaust Tips Clean

Way to clean exhaust tip for a shiny look

Cleaning the excessive black soot
  • The release of unburnt fuel during combustion results in carbon deposition, and it is challenging to remove. Let us discuss the steps to clean this stubborn soot.
  • First of all, put on gloves and eyewear. Now take the wheel bucket, wheel woolies, and brushes that you used for scrubbing your wheels.   
  • Use an all-purpose cleaner and spray it on the tips. Allow it to rest for two minutes, but make sure it should not dry. Now dip the scrubber in strong wheel soap and scrub the inner lip. Rinse and see the result.

Wash Routine

  • Avoid shooting/spraying water directly on the exhaust chamber. Once you cleaned the exhaust tip using the above process, check whether all the carbon is washed off or not. If it is not perfect, then again soak the tips with a cleaner. Use steel wool on carbon buildup.
  • Apply medium pressure and clean it by rotating the wool. Do not overdo as it can lead to scratch. Reassess again, and if more work is required, then generously repeat the above process.

Polishing for shine and luster

  • Using steel wool aggressively can sometimes result in scratches. So you can use metal polish to faint these scratches. Put this polish on a microfiber towel and rotate the towel on the surface.
Make Exhaust Tips Clean and Shiny

Protecting the polish

At last, protect the polish of an exhaust tip using a wheel sealant or metal coating. It makes cleaning easy in the future. Apply two to three layers for extra protection. This is an optional step but recommended because it keeps the exhaust tips protected for a long time.  Polishing the exhaust tips will always be necessary, but adding an extra layer of protection is not a bad idea.

Final Words

Many exhaust tips are now made of titanium, and they produce somewhat a bluish gradient color, which can be lost in polishing. If you love this look, then only use a degreaser and water for removing the soot and apply a sealant for extra protection.  In most cases, using the steel wool followed by a metal polish do the work and gives the desired result. Attentively cleaning your exhaust tips will keep them looking new for many years.

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